Musicians are unique. FAR too unique for any kind of cookie-cutter approach. We operate on retainers that are individually tailored and priced to suit your needs.


We also offer a number of one-off services, including website builds, social media and brand creation, single launches, recording, video production and streaming setups. 

We organise:

  • Album recording and releasing

  • Band promotion

  • Rehearsals

  • Video shoots

  • Photo shoots

  • Booking and promoting gigs

Other Services:

  • Registration and management of APRA, AMRAP, Bandcamp, SoundCampaign, SubmitHub and DistroKid accounts. Everything you could possibly need to make money from music.

  • Full streaming setup with Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music and YouTube.


We create:

  • Websites

  • Full branding materials, including album, press kits and social media artwork

  • Merchandise

Other Services:

  • Music promotion direct to media sources, radio and television

  • Social media strategy and management

  • Creating influencer revenue streams from social media accounts and online followings

  • Media training



Above are just a few of the things we can achieve with our artists. When it comes to music, we are chameleons.

Give us a call if you have something specific in mind